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Name: SueAnne Marie
Any Nicknames?: Sue
Age: 16
Birthday: December 21, 1990
Hobbies/Talents: Photography, writing, dancing
Likes: Photography, Animals, Music, being goofy
Dislikes: Smoke, Drugs, Alcohol, idiots
Any siblings?: Two half sisters
Strong points: When I'm passionate about something I give it my all, caring, loyal
Weak Points: Stubborn, antisocial

Colour: Black, Pink, and Orange
Food: Chocolate
Type of Music/Musical artist(s): Most types. Right now I'm loving Nickelback, Saving Jane, Hinder, The Veronicas, Taylor Swift, Kelly Clarkson, etc.
Animal: PENGUIN!
VM fave character: Veronica and Logan
Least Favorite VM character: Parker and Piz
Favorite VM moment: Most of Veronica and Logan interactions
Favorite VM couple (they didn't have to actually get together in the series): LoVe

How would you describe your personal style?: I really just like to be comfortable, so I usually just jeans and a t-shirt. I dress it up a bit every once in awhile.
Which one of the typical stereotypes (science nerd, jock, band geek, preppy, loner etc) do you think you fit into in high school?: Loner
When you were little, what did you want to be when you grew up?: A teacher
How do you feel about love/relationships?: I'm indifferent to it, but I believe in love.
Could you be called "obsessive"? If so, what about?: Yes. About Degrassi:The Next Generation and recently about Veronica Mars
What would be your dream job?: Photographer
Describe your best friend: I have numerous, but my top two(I can't pick just one) are Jocey and Brittney. Jocey is always there for me and understanding. We act like complete idiots together and neither of us get embarassed about it. Brittney is wild and crazy and brings out a goofy side of me that not many other people see, especially face to face.
For being stamped do you prefer boy/girl or doesn't matter?: Doesn't matter

Picture/Describe What you look like: I'm short with red hair(Kind of styled like Veronica's in season one), and hazel eyes.
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