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New Applicant


<b>Name:</b> Margaret
<b>Any Nicknames?:</b> Peggy... It's old Irish for Margaret lol
<b>Age:</b> 20
<b>Birthday:</b> November 3rd, 1986
<b>Hobbies/Talents:</b> Sports (Watching & or Playing: Hockey, Curling, Golf, Volleyball, Rugby, Basketball), Singing, Writing (Fanfiction usually)... That's about it, unless you count reading... I love to read :D
<b>Likes:</b> Music, Books, Photography, Singing
<b>Dislikes:</b> Overly drunk people, Gossip, Liars, Rumors
<b>Any siblings?:</b> None! Only child eh? :D
<b>Strong points:</b> Intelligent, Caring, Mostly nice
<b>Weak Points:</b> Really sarcastic, moody, indecisive, overthinking situations/comments

<b>Colour:</b> PINK! And Black & Blue too lol...but mostly pink :D
<b>Food:</b> Italian or French
<b>Type of Music/Musical artist(s):</b> Music would be Rock (Classic or Modern)/ Musical Artists: Faber Drive, The Veronicas, Pink, Paramore, Green Day
<b>Animal:</b> Dog or Penguins... I have a very strange obsession with Penguins... And I have no idea how I came about it lol.
<b>VM fave character:</b> Oooh, toughie... It's a tie between Veronica & Logan. I love Veronica for her intense level of sarcasm, Kristin Bell just pulls it off really well. And Logan... Well, it's Logan, and I love Logan :D And I think his jackassery is adorable lol.
<b>Least Favorite VM character:</b> Heh, Lamb... Wadda jerk! Granted I did cry a little in S3 when he got shot... But still!
<b>Favorite VM moment:</b> Veronica when she's talking to Logan and Weevil:
"I have a horses costume you two can borrow... Do either of you have any experience being a horses ass?"
"I'm glad our misfortunes amuse you." (Veronica & Logan) I think its during S2, but I could be wrong... That'd be my favourite moment lol.
<b>Favorite VM couple (they didn't have to <i>actually</i> get together in the series):</b> Logan/Veronica... ^_^ Cute!

<b>How would you describe your personal style?:</b> Uh, Preppy meets Rocker chick
<b>Which one of the typical stereotypes (science nerd, jock, band geek, preppy, loner etc) do you think you fit into in high school?:</b> Oh, I was defanlity the band geek, yet I wasn't in the band LOL! I was in the Choir/All the HS Musicals lol... So I guess the Drama/Choir nerd?
<b>When you were little, what did you want to be when you grew up?:</b> A Firefighter & A Nurse.... At once lol
<b>How do you feel about love/relationships?:</b> I think that everyone has a true love out there somewhere, it just takes time and paticence to find the right person for you.
<b>Could you be called "obsessive"? If so, what about?:</b> .... Penguins, Zachary Quinto, Sleep, Music... Uh yeah that's it lol
<b>What would be your dream job?:</b> Preformer on Broadway OR working as a highly respected actress in Hollywood
<b>Describe your best friend:</b> My best friend is a little odd at times, but she's just like me. She's quirky, sarcastic and absolutly insane. She knows when to have fun, and knows when to buckle down... She's always there even when she doesn't have the time for someone.
<b>For being stamped do you prefer boy/girl or doesn't matter?:</b> Doesn't matter.

<b>Picture/Describe What you look like:</b> About 5'6, medium length carmel brown hair, slightly curly lol. Blue/Green eyes, round shapped face
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